Jim Brown's Interstate Highway Survival Guide

I've recently completed a cross country move from Chicago to Santa Cruz, and in the process, made more than a half dozen round trips between those two cities. While this listing is by no means complete, I'm sharing my experience with the dual intent of both making that trip more pleasant for others, and contibuting to the future success of these fine businesses. This list concentrates on quality restaurants and coffee shops that are easy to access from major Interstate Highways. Nearly all are individually owned, most take plastic, and all have reasonable accommodations for non-smokers.

In my travels, I've found the Tour Books of the American Automobile Association (AAA) to be an excellent resource for both food and lodging! Their strength is in their listing of the grand old restaurants that still exist in small and medium-sized towns that may be off the beaten track and hard to find. If you're going to spend any serious time on the road in unfamilar surroundings, a year's membership is well worth the investment to get this very useful set of books for the areas you'll be driving through. At least one third of the restaurants listed here came from one of these books. One caution though: don't trust them for closing times -- I've been burned more than once!

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